Juneteenth 2024 FBCHICAGO – State Senator Willie Preston hosted a successful second annual Juneteenth Day celebration in his community at O'Hallaren Park on Wednesday.

“Events like these are so important to me and my district staff,” said Preston (D-Chicago). “By holding Juneteenth events in our community, we can educate the next generation on the importance of this historic date, while also giving them an opportunity to have some fun and enjoy coming together.”

The event, organized by Senator Preston's office, commemorates the historic milestone of Juneteenth and honors the ongoing struggle for justice and equality in Illinois and across the nation. The occasion brought together hundreds of people including residents and community leaders and featured food, live music, a basketball tournament and local resources.

“I look forward to my Juneteenth celebration because it provides an opportunity for unity and cultural appreciation within the district,” said Preston. “People of all ages and backgrounds are able to come together, celebrate our culture and reflect on what freedom really means for us and how we can truly achieve it for all.”

To see highlights of the event or hear remarks, click here. Preston looks forward to hosting more events throughout the summer to continue building community across the 16th District.