Sen. Willie Preston

CHICAGO — State Senator Willie Preston issued the following statement after participating in the Communities in Action forum at the White House:

“The impact of the Biden-Harris Administration in my district has been monumental to my efforts in the Senate. Communities throughout the 16th District have been impacted greatly by the affordable housing crisis. The federal funding from the Biden-Harris Administration allowed us to expand our housing supply, strengthening communities and supporting economic development in our district and across Illinois.

“With record-number investments in housing opportunities under the Biden-Harris Administration, I made it a priority of mine to ensure underserved communities were supported. Individuals returning to society often face barriers to gaining access to the resources they need for successful reentry into their communities. Capitalizing on these investments, I led the passage of legislation securing state IDs for formerly incarcerated folks upon reentry into society — a critical step in accessing expanded housing programs.

“I had the pleasure of joining colleagues, business owners, community organizers and leaders in labor, nonprofits, education and health care from across the region to share in our collective accomplishments in partnership with the Biden-Harris Administration. The forum was especially celebratory for me, as it was my birthday as well. Having space to share the work we are leading in our communities was an extremely exhilarating experience. I am inspired by our conversations and look forward to continued collaborations across local, state and federal governments for the betterment of people in the sweet 16th District.”