Sen. Willie Preston

CHICAGO – Today, Senator Willie Preston of the 16th District, released a statement condemning the actions of the Tennessee General Assembly for their treatment of the so-called “Tennessee Three” and their expulsion of two Black State Representatives after they stood up for stronger gun control in the wake of yet another senseless school shooting:

“In the strongest possible terms, I denounce and condemn the Tennessee General Assembly for their un-American, un-democratic, and openly ignorant decision,” stated Senator Preston (D-Chicago), “I stand behind Reps. Justin Jones, Gloria Johnson, and Justin Pearson with my full support - as should all even-minded people across the country.”

“It sickens me to see two young, Black men removed from their duly elected office for standing up for what they believe in. As the only Black man newly elected to the Illinois General Assembly, this egregious act was particularly alarming to me. The Republican Supermajority in Tennessee is trampling over the rights of these young leaders and the voices of their constituents who democratically elected them.

“My family, like many Black families in Illinois, has deep roots in the south and in particular Tennessee. These despicable actions taken by the Republicans must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.”

“As the great Dr. Martin Luther King once said: ‘An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ To that end, I am leading an effort with the Black Caucus to strongly condemn this injustice.

“We must all raise our voices and say clearly: We will not stand for this open attack on democracy and decency.”

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